UTech Tiny Bluetooth Earpiece

5 Star Review

To my surprise, this bluetooth earpiece is the best product I bought. I am amazed at the quality, which is often rare in some cheaper Bluetooth earbuds and can easily break. Fortunately, this Bluetooth earpiece is an exception. The headset charges about 42 minutes, it can be fully charged. I tested that the headset can be charged three times after the storage box is fully charged, even though the last charge is not fully charged, but This does not affect my praise for it.
They have a good fit on the earpieces. Thankfully, the earbuds won't fall when running or strenuous exercise sports, the earpieces feel comfortable, the sound quality also is good, they have rich bass and obvious high pitch. This is significantly different from some other cheap headphones.
After pairing, all music played on my iphone can really play for 6 hours, which makes me quite surprised. This is quite impressive, and it's important because the bluetooth earpiece can be used in mono mode, which means you can use 12 hours of live streaming, even though it's tiring to listen to music for 12 hours. All in all, I will fully recommend this headset to anyone, looking for an excellent product at an affordable price, and the good looks and excellent quality are really impressive. It is recommended that this bluetooth earpiece really have good performance in the sound and battery. Definitely a good purchase.